Management Information Systems

Masters Degree (2015-2017):
Boston University’s Metropolitan College receives high recognition for its online program; U.S. News & World Report ranks BU’s Masters of Computer Information Systems the third best CIS masters program in the nation.  A preview of specific graduate coursework includes:
– Business data communication and networks
– Database design and implementation for business (DBMS, SQL, PL/SQL, and ERD)
– Information Structures with Java
– Quantitative methods for information systems (probability theory

Undergraduate Degree (2008-2013):
Similar to BU, Eller College at the University of Arizona is home to the number three nationally ranked management information systems (MIS) department (U.S. News Best College Rankings).  A preview of specific undergraduate coursework includes:
– Database management systems (DBMS and SQL)
– Business data communications
– Object oriented programming (Java)
– Info system analysis and design (SDLC)
– Healthcare information systems
– Information security/risk management/disaster recovery
– Enterprise computer environments (ERP planning)

Industry Certifications:
– Associate’s Certification in Business Analysis – The George Washington University, TwentyEighty Strategy
– Healthcare Management (IT and management) – Eller College
– NTSISS 4016 (Risk Analyst Certification) – Eller College
– NSTISSI 4011 (InfoSec) – Eller College
– CNSSI 4012 (Senior Systems Managers) – Eller College

Selection of MIS related projects and papers:
1.  DBMS – SQL Coding
2.  DBMS – ER to Relational & Table Creation
3.  DBMS – Borderlands Brewery ER Diagram
4.  Java – Slot Machine Application, CountFlips, and Hi-Low Game
5.  InfoSec – Mutandum Case